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Because of his procedure, Lester was able to...
As a tank officer in the Pacific Theater in World War II, Lester Tenney fought the Japanese in the...


Innovation doesn’t stop after patients, families...
Jeff is part of a Southern California team that is looking ahead of current medical technology to...


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Millions of patients benefit from innovative medical devices and diagnostics that extend lives and improve quality of life. Collaboration and interaction between medtech companies and health care providers are essential to their development. Visit the interactive timeline to learn more.

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Med Tech Jobs by State

Medical technology is one of America’s strongest and fastest growing manufacturing sectors, creating nearly 2 million well-paying jobs across the country.


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technology and device companies are positively impacting your state.

Experience Innovation

In our second History Minute video, John Brown, former chairman, president, and CEO of Stryker Corporation, compares the advancements in medical technology over many decades to the automobile industry. Mr. Brown also shares his personal story as a patient himself relying on a heart device to prolong his life.

How Technology Happens

In this video, learn how innovative and safe medical technology happens, from initial concept and development to FDA review to patient care, and more.