Meet the people who live life changing innovation

Medical technology saves lives, improves patient outcomes and helps lower the overall cost of health care. It’s also one of America’s strongest and fastest-growing manufacturing sectors, creating and producing medical innovations for use around the world—and providing good-paying jobs across the country. A closer look at the medical technology industry shows that being a world leader in improving patient outcomes produces a healthier U.S. economy.

The Oregon Bioscience Association works with employees to spur industry growth.
The west coast is known as a global leader in innovation including medical technology and diagnostics. Med tech companies in Oregon are breaking boundaries by partnering with traditional tech companies, like Intel, to achieve big breakthroughs for...
Tazi and her job are a critical part of America’s economic future.
Patients, families, doctors, nurses and technicians all know that a life is at stake when someone rolls into the operating room or intensive care unit. Here, ever-improving medical technology is essential in the battle for life and health. That’s...
“It’s family here. Small town, quiet, everyone knows each other—it’s home.”
Medical technology employs more than 450,000 people in large and small communities across the country, changing the lives of patients, employees, and the community. In Spencer, Indiana, a medical technology company provides good paying jobs for...
Improving patient outcomes that produce a healthier U.S. economy.
See what med tech leaders from around the country have to say about one of America’s strongest and fastest growing manufacturing sectors.  
Everyday we save lives and we help people get healthy.
See why Caroll Neubauer, CEO of B. Braun Medical, is proud of the work the medical technology industry does.      
The medical technology industry enables people like Jamie to thrive.
As a leading industry that contributes more than $160 billion to the U.S. economy, medical technology offers employees tremendous opportunity to grow, advance in their careers and have an impact in their community and far beyond. Jamie Summerlot,...
“Working for patients makes this job special.”
Medical technology changes lives – the lives of patients and of the 450,000 people employed in the field.  It allows employees to “do well by doing good,” a fact appreciated by Justin Reppert, a 35-year-old Manufacturing Engineer Technician for a...
Fill in the blank..."Medical technology is _____."
Employees of AngioDynamics in New York describe what medical technology is to them.   Click HERE to watch the video.
We put the technology into the doctors' and patients' hands.
Patrick Daly, President and CEO of Cohera Medical, describes his company's role in improving patient outcomes and producing a healthier economy.  
“Our team strives every day to achieve this mission in what we call a patient-centric business culture."
HeartWare technology is designed to provide a treatment option for patients waiting for a heart transplant who, otherwise, wouldn’t have any options. They are creators of the HeartWare® Ventricular Assist System, which received FDA approval in...
Innovation doesn’t stop after patients, families, doctors, nurses and other health care providers experience a breakthrough in medical technology.
Jeff is part of a Southern California team that is looking ahead of current medical technology to what will be possible in the future. It’s a cycle of innovation that starts with seeking better solutions for patients and continues through to...
Our whole reason for being is safety, trust and efficiency.
Eileen Martinson, CEO of Sparta Systems, explains the importance of helping their customers deliver safe products to consumers.      
“I would have never been able to become an engineer without the help of my community.”
Medical technology is a vibrant and growing industry, providing good paying jobs for in more than 6000 communities across the country.  Many are smaller towns that benefit both economically and by keeping talented people in the community.  Josh...
Medical technology companies provide good paying jobs.
At a time when manufacturing has declined in the U.S., medical technology is a growing industry with R&D and manufacturing facilities in small and large communities throughout the United States. Medical technology companies provide good paying...
Life Changing Innovation Kickoff Event
On Monday, May 6th, AdvaMed went to the AngioDynamics facility in Queensbury, New York, to hear directly from the employees there about exactly how the medical technology industry has impacted their lives as individuals.            
Doctors now have a solution to restore health in their highest-risk patients.
A year ago, Nathan and several colleagues got the green light to build a team that would manufacture a new medical technology and it was time to start putting the new solution into the hands of doctors and the hearts of patients. Over 75 employees...