Life-changing jobs through innovation

A year ago, Nathan and several colleagues got the green light to build a team that would manufacture a new medical technology and it was time to start putting the new solution into the hands of doctors and the hearts of patients. Over 75 employees are now on the team, with the plan to add up to 1,000 high tech manufacturing and support jobs within the decade. This is life-changing innovation for patients, doctors and American workers. The medical technology breakthrough is life changing for the many patients who may benefit. Doctors now have a solution to restore health in their highest risk patients.  


After a doctor decides to treat their patient using the new technology, Nathan's team receives the order and has it shipped within two hours for delivery the next morning. Because of this breakthrough, patients gain their health and physicians have another option to match treatment choices with patient needs. This is just one story of how medical technology improves patient outcomes, increases productivity and drives the American economy with well-paying jobs in a world-class manufacturing industry. That’s life-changing innovation.


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