Medical technology changes lives—with good jobs and good products

Medical technology changes lives – the lives of patients and of the 450,000 people employed in the field.  It allows employees to “do well by doing good,” a fact appreciated by Justin Reppert, a 35-year-old Manufacturing Engineer Technician for a company in Spencer, IN.  He started there right after high school and moved up the ladder by combining his high aptitude for learning on the job with a specialized company-wide onsite training program. 

In his present position, Justin enjoys interacting with people, fixing things and working on processes that improve company products and speed patient results.  “Working for patients makes this job special,” says Justin. “I think about how our products help people, how they could save the life of a family member, co-worker or friend. Add that to a secure job in a bad economy and competitive wages. It’s good to work in the medical technology industry.” Medical technology changed Justin’s life by providing a good job and ongoing opportunity.  Now he’s changing the lives of patients with his work.


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