Medical Technology Keeps People Rolling

Madi, an active 15-year-old from Milford, Delaware, doesn’t want diabetes to slow her down in school, roller hockey or life. Diagnosed with diabetes at age 5, she has never let diabetes stop her from doing what she wants to do, from performing in shows and skating to volunteering to raise money for diabetes research. Madi’s activities on behalf of people living with diabetes have made her a community leader and a role model for others, particularly kids and teenagers. Medical technology helps make that a reality for Madi.

Madi wears a small insulin pump next to her body that provides doses throughout the day. That keeps Madi active and eliminates the pain of multiple injections each day.  Effective early control of glucose levels cuts complications by over 50 percent—and results like that reduce healthcare costs by at least 66 percent for each patient each year. Innovations like this change lives and help reduce the cost of chronic disease. Madi is living proof.


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