How Does A Quality Engineer Save Lives And Create Jobs?

It’s only the beginning of a continuous cycle of product improvement to deliver more value for patients and the health care system. In addition to those firsthand reports back to the innovators, careful analysis of patient databases and clinical outcome studies provides other clues for next-generation products. Through quality engineering professionals like Jeff, medical technology companies use the insight from all these sources—and dedicate teams to creating better products and delivering better patient outcomes. Medical technology works just like any other technology in the drive to refine products and deliver higher value to consumers. This talent, energy and commitment to patients fuels America’s global leadership in the medical technology industry. Even more important, that leadership translates into well-paying high-tech and manufacturing jobs in communities across America.

Jeff comes by his passion for this work firsthand. His dad was a doctor in Menomonee Falls, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee, and Jeff remembers what it was like to be around town with his dad when patients expressed their thanks for his care. Jeff always wanted a job through which he could make a difference in people's lives too. Good jobs give good people the chance to give in many ways. The contributions of employees like Jeff aren’t just economic, and they don’t stop when the employees leave the line or the lab or the office. The commitment to helping people and building solutions is something medical technology employees take into neighborhoods, community groups and schools. Jeff and his wife have made helping youth living in foster homes a priority in their community—taking a hands-on approach to volunteering as mentors, camp counselors and part of a support network.

Medical technology is the perfect fit for Jeff and thousands of American’s like him, whose math, science and problem-solving abilities are topped only by their desire to make a difference in the lives of others. That’s life changing innovation.