Medical Technology Companies Provide Good Jobs in Good Places

Medical technology employs more than 450,000 people in large and small communities across the country, changing the lives of patients, employees, and the community. In Spencer, Indiana, a medical technology company provides good paying jobs for more than 1000 people in a town of 2500, making a huge difference in the lives of its citizens. 

Stephanie Sparks, an Operations Training Manager, is a perfect example. She grew up in Spencer—and grew up with the medical technology company she now works with. Her mother has worked there for 23 years. Stephanie came to the company right out of high school and worked her way through a number of positions: product builder, quality assurance inspector, inventory control, SAP operator, and document services. With tuition assistance from the company, Stephanie earned an Associate’s degree from Ivy Technical College and a BA from Indiana State University.

The combination of technical and college experience propelled Stephanie to where she is today—training people in a wide variety of positions on how to get the job done right. She loves working in medical technology because of the fast pace of innovation. She also appreciates being able to live and raise a family in the community she loves. “It’s family here. Small town, quiet, everyone knows each other—it’s home.” Medical technology makes this possible for Stephanie and thousands of others like her all over the country in towns like Spencer.