The Medtech Treatments Saving Hospitals' Tiniest Patients

Preemie babies – some of whom, like Marcellus Brown, weigh as little as 3 pounds – require cautious, delicate care. Often, these babies are too small and vulnerable to undergo surgeries they desperately need. That’s why the medical technology community has dedicated entire workstreams to delivering downsized treatment alternatives to traditional surgery and corresponding nano-technology specialized for the tiniest patients.

Summit On Balanced Pain Management Urges Interdisciplinary Approach

December 6, 2018

Before Justin Minyard was keynote speaker at this week’s fifth annual National Summit on Balanced Pain Management in Washington, DC, he was a respondent at the Pentagon on September 11.  A high-level interrogator serving the United States Army during tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  And a prime example of why comprehensive, integrative pain management is critical.

Test to Treatment: Using Diagnostics to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

November 13, 2018

Each year in the U.S., more than 2 million people are infected with an antibiotic resistant germ. For at least 23,000 of them, the result is fatal. This phenomenon – when germs defeat the drugs designed to kill them – is called antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

One major contributor to the growing prevalence of AMR is the misuse of antibiotics; often, doctors prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily, or, they prescribe the wrong type of antibiotic. In fact, evidence has shown that perhaps as many as 50% of antibiotics prescribed are not necessary – and that’s just in the U.S.

Innovative Medtech Offers Effective Alternative to Open-heart Surgery

October 29, 2018

Open-heart surgery poses a difficult road to recovery. There are risks of chest wound infection, pneumonia, and blood clotting, all of which are compounded by age and more common in patients who have had open-heart surgery before. So when Herb Thau, at age 84, learned he might need a second open-heart surgery, he felt scared and uncertain.

The Making of Medical Alley: Remembering Earl Bakken

October 24, 2018

It started with a childhood curiosity in electricity. It morphed into a garage-based hospital equipment repair shop. It grew into the largest medical technology company in the world. Earl Bakken’s commitment to excellence – coupled with his passion to help others – has inspired amazing health progress and saved and improved millions of lives around the world.